An introduction to my favorite resources.

Later on in this blogging series I plan to cover some of these resources more in-depth but for now I just want to list a few and say some things about them. I should specify that I am only in the first half of my semester and will probably use other things as time goes on, these are just what I’m using right now. 


Khan Academy – A great place to learn anything from 3rd grade math through Calculus. It tests you at the beginning to see which skills you already have and helps you to expand upon them. Currently I’m doing the Algebra modules. – Has a few interactive math courses. I’m working on an Algebra one now. – Search for final exams from math classes like whichever one you are taking. Try doing all the different problems and see which ones you absolutely don’t know how to do. You can come up with some good lesson plans just off of that, honest.


Grey School of Wizardry – This school cannot be seen as a substitute for accredited high school programs and I’m not suggesting you use it as that. However, the “lore” program has a lot of courses that teach skills similar to those taught in conventional schools. “Wizardly Writing” teaches basic composition, and the course I am currently taking called “Blessings of Braggi” teaches about recognizing archetypes and themes. I am not seeing this as “English for this year” so much as a unit in my English education.

Kindle – There are a lot of free books available if what you want is to read classics, and you should considering that the essay prompts on the AP English Literature exam require you have read certain books.


Khan Academy – Not quite as good as their math program. Currently there are no tests or activities available, only videos. Their program starts with Biology, which I won’t be taking until next semester, so I haven’t looked at it yet. – Offers an interactive General Science course as well as courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and so forth.

Social Studies:

Education Portal – Has a section on high school courses, one of which is GED social studies. I am doing this now because it has a kind of sweeping overview of social sciences feel versus the AP ones that are more specific high school classes. 

Spanish – It starts off free and apparently charges later on. I hear that it is supposed to take you through one year of college-level Spanish. It’s the best online program I’ve found so far.


Grey School of Wizardry – This is one of my electives. I am studying herbs as sort of a substitute for a regular home economics or cooking class. It is still going to get me into the kitchen, making things (once I get past the safety lessons). 


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