Calling other homeschool bloggers!

Hello everyone. Thank you to everyone who’s following me.

Can anyone recommend a good online (either free or affordable) curriculum or course in 8th grade-level science? I’m not looking to sign up for an online public school or whatever, but I like sites like Saylor that give curriculum and such. My current science curriculum is a headache-inducing snooze-fest full of info I learned back in fifth grade. So yeah. 


5 thoughts on “Calling other homeschool bloggers!

  1. What are your areas of interest? We do Coursera and Edx courses quite often – although uni level there are a number of intro-level courses to get you started and frankly just being older doesn’t make you any better equipped for them than you probably are now.
    Khan Academy also has a very large selection of courses.

    1. Well, I’m thinking of doing Biology next semester (9th grade) since it’s commonly taught in high school but I guess I don’t know…probably astronomy and anatomy. I guess as long as it’s science and I’m learning, right?

      1. Thanks for writing back! Do you write tests on Connor’s biology courses or is it more just if he understands it you’re good? Because I remember Kahn only having evaluations on the math part.

      2. I tend to be OK if he understands things and I like to watch some content on Khan with him as we are going just to make sure that he does. I will also ask leading questions at lunch and dinner to see what he has been covering and how well he understands things, or throw in some areas that I think may be of interest to him for further research, such as epigenetics.
        I view them just as a pure learning experience really and as prep for Coursera and Edx courses and maybe later IB and/or AP exams.
        I do like seeing some test results, just so that I know that he is actually understanding the content and this is where Coursera is valuable for me – as well as building up a portfolio of uni-level courses that he has completed. I also like that they are not normally delivered in the patronising way some HS level content can be (with the notable exception of Khan).

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