Layoffs and a bad economy.

So right now I’m taking a slight break from Spanish to catch up on other studies. Reason? The primary breadwinner of our family got laid-off. Was it because of something she did? Nah. She was one of the highest performing employees at the company, but her CEO decided to sell the company to corporation that shut hers down. 

Guys, the bad economy and unethical business practices affect more than just adults. They affect kids too. 

How are we supposed to want to do really well in school and work really hard when we see people who did that and do that getting laid-off for no good reason left and right? I have the good fortune of being a motivated learner but for someone who was iffy on school I can’t even imagine how hard that would be – knowing that even the best education can’t guarantee you more than $10/hour after graduation. How is it supposed to be easy for us to take advantage of every opportunity when you’re kicking our parents out the door for things that aren’t their fault(s)? 

Guardian wants me to not be so stressed out. She says that there are really good prospects for her with her degree, and even had two interviews this week. Still, how am I supposed to feel? Ugh.

And I’m not one of those kids who’s like “gimme” and all “if I don’t get new Spanish lessons right away I’m gonna freak out,” but the fact that people can throw their workers away over such stupid things like “we can make ourselves richer if we make one office do two offices’ work” really upsets me especially because financial hardship is scary. Guardian somehow seems so sure we’re not about to hit financial hardship, that she’s very qualified and will find something but it makes me nervous. 


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