Creating a Paper Trail

So, last night my family and I were working on creating a paper trail for me. We’re planning on comparing notes with other people or asking around to see how other people are organizing their stuff. For now, we have a folder system with breakdowns for each subject. There is a folder called “Lilly’s Homeschool Records” and then there are sub-folders where I am supposed to save write-ups, written-out problem logs from Kahn Academy, lists of things I’ve read, things I’ve watched, etc.

The hard part is not finding proof that I’ve been doing work. The hard part is trying to break everything neatly down into course categories like they expect you to do in regular schools. Right now, one of my major interests is herbal medicine. Does that go under science? Health? Culinary arts? Can I count my research into multicultural astrology (ie: astrology in different cultures) as social studies? It does involve studying religion and spirituality across cultures, so should it count? Also, what about mathematics that are more about how math is used and what math means to people than math problems? I do both, but can the former be counted alongside the latter? We are figuring this out and researching it, but it’s my first time setting something like this up so bleh. 


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