Wintergirls, first 43 pages.

Currently Reading: Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson

Why? I figured it would be more interesting to read about teenagers dealing with problematic mental and/or physical health and respond to that reading than to go through those horrible .gov modules where you have to help guide teens to make good decisions about alcohol. The book is about anorexia and teen suicide. It has an MC who is anorexic and left behind after a friend commits suicide. You might think that would be way too dark of a read but it has some comedic moments.

“My little not-sister shoves a shoe-box diorama across the table at me. ‘It’s a coliseum in Greece,’ she says. ‘Where they tortured the people and fed them to the tigers.’

‘Sounds like middle school,’ I say.” 

One thing I like about it so far is they don’t present counselors as absolute saints who actually understand and believe teenagers. That was one of the things I was worried would happen, that all of the blame would be placed on teenagers for not “reaching out” to all of the awesome help that’s out there. People who don’t have anyone and/or don’t have easy answers are put in realistic settings and situations. I hope that in the end when Lia gets help (I mean, I’m sure she will since the book is YA) it doesn’t just take the first visit to the school counselor make all her problems go away. Easy answers like that don’t encourage teenagers so much as make them think “oh great, more storybook fluff” in my mind. 


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