Thirteen from a thirteen-year-old’s perspective.

Basic synopsis: All the reasons why I’m glad I’m not in conventional middle school anymore plus families that suck.

Here are the reasons why I hate this movie:

1. Tracey. She is so effing annoying. Like, I get she’s having a hard time over her dad or whatever but just wow.

2. Tracey’s mom. Bringing that random guy, extra family, and dog into the house (and Tracey’s bed) and expecting the kids to just adjust to the change and chaos all the time? God…for as much as I couldn’t stand Tracey I could not feel an ounce of sympathy for that woman either.

3. Tracey’s boyfriend. My goodness, that guy hardly gets any screen time and he still manages to be incredibly annoying. Maybe it’s just because I can’t stand guys like that IRL. Y’know, the braggarts who treat girls like objects and yet are still treated like they’re the most awesome people ever. I’m mystified as to why girls fall for guys like that.

4. All the freaking rape culture/slut-shaming coming from guys who treat girls like sluts and then get mad when they act like them. 

5. The unrealistic nature of how Tracey just walks into class shouting “f” bombs about how she didn’t know the assignment was due and the teacher hardly cares.

6. The fact that her original friends don’t have any character development so you don’t really care about them at all even though you want to. 

7. The way everybody in this movie is freaking impossible and has like no redeeming qualities. 

8. The fact that Tracey doesn’t realize that she’s going to fail 7th grade if she doesn’t do any of the work. Like…no shit?

9. The fact that Evie turns Tracey in when Tracey at least semi-tried to help her. 

I mean, I get that teen girls get into trouble especially due to the crazy stupid expectations put on us, but this movie isn’t how they’re going to reach girls like that. Give us a relatable character for once. I really dislike the way television and movies portray the “moody, acting-out teenager.” Sometimes people get moody and act out because they’re unhappy. Tracey’s mom is so controlling – and I’m not saying she’s controlling because she wants her kid not to do drugs or stay out past dark, but because it’s clear from the beginning that she has this pre-set idea about who Tracey is and what she wants that Tracey doesn’t seem to quite fit. The girl seems to have no passion for anything in her life, and I’d like to see her get some. Instead of this sad sack of “oh boy, don’t do drugs cuz there are consequences” maybe give Tracey a reason to live so that viewers who identify with her will feel that motivation as well. Gah, I swear I could write a better script than this.  


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