30 Things: 5 Loves, 5 Hates (Assignment)

Thirty labels that apply to me:

1. Home school student.

2. Survivor.

3. Brunette.

4. Sister.

5. Singer (casually, at least).

6. Blog-writer.

7. Vegan.

8. Pianist (novice).

9. Misotheist.

10. Budding (pun intended) herbalist.

11. Artist.

12. Gluten-intolerant.

13. Single.

14. Gemini.

15. Young.

16. Very casual occasional violinist (it’s not mine but I play with it sometimes, oops).

17. Art history student.

18. Astrology student (although I’m not super into it).

19. Grey School apprentice wizard.

20. Aspiring herbalist/nutritionist.

21. Writer.

22. Picky reader.

23. Facebook member.

24. Ex-Tumblr blogger.

25. Teenager.

26. Fashion enthusiast. 

27. Teen Vogue reader (at least online).

28. Closet yuri watcher (only the tame stuff like Maria Sama Ga Miteru).

29. Pretty Little Liars enthusiast.

30. Wannabe gardener. 



1. Vegan cheesecake.

2. My sister.

3. Dark chocolate.

4. Europe.

5. Marimite.



1. My old family (most of the time, except when I don’t. Ugh).

2. Most religion.

3. People who use personality disorders as an excuse to act abusively toward others.

4. Most therapists.

5. My old school and all the administrators there. 


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