So next year, I’m probably going to have to take occasional “in-person” classes, aside from the one or two I usually take. It’s really frustrating to me how most APs and other things are only offered at public school and if you want to take them outside of that realm you either have to a.) pay so much money you might as well just go to a community college or b.) just study giant books that teach to the test and not really learn anything. 

I feel like I have nothing in common with most people. It seems like every class I’ve ever been to has the same basic cast of characters. I’ll be sitting next to someone (a guy) and he’ll just start picking on everybody for no reason whatsoever except to make it known to others that he’s loud and extremely irritating. Sometimes you almost think he’s flirting with you until you realize he’s just that obnoxious with everybody. Then some girl will start encouraging him with awkward giggling and this will convince him he is the most wonderful person on the planet and should change nothing about his behavior.

Every class or grade level at least always has to have one incredibly frumpy, gross girl who you wonder “why on Earth did you leave the house like that?” who wants to be my friend. This one girl…ugh god. Puts her fingers in her mouth at lunch and doesn’t wash her hands, has scraggly hair, and dresses the way I’d dress coming out of a locker room on the way home from a gym if I had a gym membership like…just every single day. I know people say to me “well she can’t afford better things” but you can find better things than flip-flops and sweat pants for cheap at places like Walmart or Target. It’s true, and I know because my family’s not exactly rich either. Other thing is…money has nothing to do with combing your hair and showering in the morning. Okay, well, you have to be able to afford soap but at a certain point I just think “come on.” You can buy soap that’s like $0.99 at the drug store (and I know this person isn’t on food stamps or something where even that would be difficult). Okay anyway then there’s always a really smelly guy with weird scabs all over him who just takes up a lot of space and seems to have no awareness of how badly he smells. This guy usually seems to think he’s entitled to have girls like him except he’s just completely gross. And then there’s always this somewhat cute preppy girl who seems nice enough but is only friends with the most heinously unpleasant, mean girls around. Then there’s always that girl who’s semi-nice and semi-easy going but just…so vapid that you can’t have any kind of conversation with her and if you’re paired together for a project you’re completely screwed. Then of course there are tall guys who are either bald, buzz-cut, or ball-capped (if your school allows it) and wear their pants too low and always hi-five each other and obsess about sports. These guys like to “compete” over weird things like who can eat the most garbage or make each other dress like girls if they lose bets. It’s annoying. 

There’s this thing about how APs/honors are different, but come on. When I was in middle school, they really weren’t. Maybe the smelly girl wasn’t…oh wait no, yeah there was. Ugh.


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