Summertime sadness.

So for me summer has pretty much just begun, but what does that mean for homeschool?

Not much, actually. When you have actual control over your own education, you never really feel the need to just sit there because you have nothing to do. Right now, let’s see, what am I doing?

1. Saylor’s Milton class.

2. Algebra. I suck at staying committed to Algebra!

3. Saylor’s Biology class. My friend is doing their Chemistry. Lots of options.

4. Herbology classes at GSW.

5. Reading a book for a Lore class (which is basically like wizard English) at GSW.

6. Taking an occasional art class.

What are you doing this summer?


1 thought on “Summertime sadness.

  1. I just read your interview and reposted on Facebook. Great interview and I like what you are doing. Don’t get frustrated and give up! We used the Robinson Curriculm, Google it. It’s cheap, has about 300 books on CDs and is for self taught students. They use Saxxon math but Kahn is probably as good or better, and the math books are not included. I ended up having to put my sons in public school because I couldn’t make a living along with cooking 3 meals/day, etc while being a single parent. They checked in to public school in 3rd and 5th grades and tested way ahead of everyone. Within a couple years they ended up right in line with the other kids. I’ve always wished I could have kept up with what I had to do so that they could have stayed with the home schooling.

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